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HTL mould design department

          We understand that high standard and high quality mould design is a key to a successful project, at HTL we have invested in both people and technology to ensure our designs meet the highest expectation .With a team of 30 experienced designers and 90 excellent moulds masters ,we have developed systematic engineering system for CAD/CAM/CAE.With the help of software of PRO/E ,UNIGRAPHIC, SOLID WORKS,MASTER-CAM,I-DEAS, AutoCAD, we can handle all design and analysis requirements .In order to communicate with customer clearly , we supply every mold design document (DFM)  to customer to make sure mould design meet customer expectation .We can offer flow analysis also so that we know how to choose the best configuration ,reduce the number of design-development alternation, avoids problems and prevents downtime during production 

         In order to optimize product quality, we can use traditional and innovative mold making technology at the same time for export.  We can design mold tofulfil specific demands. The following is our mold design and manufacturing technology parameters and standards:

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